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This Evidence Based Interventions Programme site is a members resource for people involved in delivering evidence based interventions for looked after children, children on the edge of care or custody and their families. These interventions include Ad0pt, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), KEEP, Multisystemic Therapy, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care and RESuLT.  

You can visit the Evidence Based Interventions Programme Hub where you will find information about the programme and how to access the individual public sites for AdOpt, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), KEEP, Multisystemic Therapy, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care and RESuLT.

If you are involved in delivering one of these interventions and wish to access the members area you must register.


You will need to complete the registration form:  

  • create a username - your username should allow the site administrator to easily identify you, so the suggested format is first name_surname
  • provide the following information - your name, job title and place of work
  • select the sites you would like to become a member of 

When you complete and submit your registration form it will be sent to the administrator for the sites you have requested  membership of (e.g. MTFC-UK, MST-UK, KEEP). The administrator must approve your membership which may take a couple of days.  You will then recieve an email informing you your account has been approved and you'll be able to follow the link in the email to access the site.

When you first log in to the site you'll need to set your password.  Due to the need to have a high level of security for the sites - the password requirements are fairly strict. Your password must:

  • include upper case letters
  • include lower case letters
  • include numbers
  • include symbols (for example any of !@£$%^&*{}[]<>?)
  • be at least 8 characters long  

As part of the security the sites will periodically prompt you to change your password. Your new password must be different - it can not be a password you have used previously.

You can also fill in the 'About you' section for your profile. This will appear when other users look at your profile where you have asked or answered questions.  

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